Wiring your property on your own can help you save a considerable amount of money. However, it could be a hazardous task if it’s improperly handled. If you violate electrical codes, it could possibly result in major issues along the way, making it dangerous to you, your property, and your family. Below are some of the typical violations when it comes to electrical code that must be prevented no matter what.  

Installing new lights using the old wiring 

Doing this could make a massive issue because the wiring cannot take modern fixtures. Old wires were intended to endure 140°F while new lights operate are approximately 194°F. Fortunately, you can avoid this fire threat if you install a splice box that contains new wires that function to the fixture. Once your wires were made prior to the year 1987, then you don’t have to replace them.  

Bad splices 

You must guarantee to place inside a junction box if you splice two wires together. Otherwise, it is already considered illegal since it’s utilized as a part of temporary and troubleshooting lighting. To prevent committing a code violation, you just have to set up a junction box and do the wires in it. To finish the splice, utilize wire nuts and change the cover plate to finish installing. 


While you wire the home, it is enticing to stick as many wires as you can through your 7 up to 8 inches holes. But, know that overcrowding a hole could result in damage to your insulation since the wires drag all over one another. The burned wires could be a major hazard and could simply become overlooked behind the walls. Hence, you must refrain from placing beyond 3 wires in a hole and make sure to allow some room for them to wiggle. 

Receptacles that are resistant to tamper 

The electrical code needs tamper-resistant receptacles to be installed both outdoors and indoors. These beneficial devices can actually stop kids from inserting things into an outlet, such as a paper clip. These don’t only make your property safe for your children, but they are also mandated by the code. Hence, you should follow it regardless.  

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