Is your kid a big fan of Thomas and friends? If yes then you’re in luck. In this article we’ll be sharing great ideas you can use so that you can fulfill your kid’s train hype! Are you ready to go on aboard this Train hype?

Trackless Train

Here are some of the ideas you can opt for when doing a Train Themed Birthday Party:

1. Train Ticket Invitations

A kid with a great fascination with trains will definitely enjoy giving away these train tickets to his friends. A train ticket invitation is easy to make. You can have a layout of it from the internet and just edit the text. Or you can hire a multimedia specialist that can design a train ticket themed invitation for you.

2. Engineer Party Hats

For your party, it would be fun if everyone had something in common to wear on their body and also this is the neutral ground that the party host needs, if the kid wants to participate in the games encourage them to wear the hat. If not then they can leave it on the table and continue whatever they are doing. Getting everyone matching Engineer hats would get them excited for the whole train theme hype!

3. Rail Road Signs as Decorations and Centerpieces

Instead of assigning them to a number table, assign them to a railroad sign. This way you can make the party more unique by adding your own rules to it and also the kids can learn a thing or two about railroad signs.

4. Train Cake

Fondant cake bakers can construct a cake train using their magical hands. Not only did your kids get to attend a party about trains, they get to eat a train as well. You can ask your kid if he wants a train, a railroad sign or the track itself to be done on the cake. Everyone will be so excited to get a piece of this sweet and tasty train-themed treat!

5. Mini Pulley Party Favors/Souvenirs

A mini pulley party souvenir can easily be bought or DIY. You can fill it with small chocolates that look like coal or golden coin chocolates. These are fun, and adds more color to the party.

6. Trackless Train Rental

Nothing beats an awesome Train Themed Party than actually having a Train there itself asking all the kids to hop in and roam around the area. Yep you read it right! You can rent a Trackless Train from the Bounce House and Water Slides of Nashville. They have a wide range of trains and concessions available to go best with your train themed party.

I’m sure you’re now ready to prepare for the party your kid has been excited for since you have mentioned it. Another tip would be is to listen to your kid’s wishes and from that create an idea for it to be part of the party. I’m sure that your kid would love that!